Jan M. Tkach
Huron County Recorder
Alert Me

Alert Me

For most people, the process of buying or selling a home involves the largest transfer of money they will make in their lifetimes. Real Estate fraud is when someone falsely or illegally tries to use someone else's property for financial gain. It is one of the fastest growing white collar crimes today, according to the FBI.

Huron County Recorder's Office is proud to provide residents of Huron County a tool to help combat possible real estate fraud.

Legal Disclaimer

The information referenced by the AlertMe software is a tool to notify you when a document containing your referenced name has been recorded in our office, or has been recently corrected. Every effort has been made to provide you accurate and reliable information.

However, Recorder Jan M. Tkach, and the Huron County Recorder's Office does not guarantee or insure the accuracy of the information and/or the documents contained herein. Nor does the Recorder's Office guarantee or verify the truthfulness of any information contained in any recorded document.

By registering your email address with AlertMe, you agree Recorder Jan M. Tkach of Huron County or Document Technology Systems (DTS), the software provider, shall not be responsible for any damages incurred by you because of the use of, or reliance upon, information contained herein.

Persons who use information contained in this database to commit a criminal act are subject to criminal prosecution.

You or your attorney should determine the interests or claims of any party referenced in documents recorded in the Huron County Recorder's Office.

If you suspect fraudulent activity, please contact local law enforcement as soon as possible.